AIM Youth Group

AIM: a drop-in space for LGBT Youth in Dundalk and the NE Region!

AIM stands for 'as i am', and is a relaxed and easy-going space for young lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the NE Region of Ireland.

A lot of people have been asking where are we and what do we do... AIM is not a 'group' where young people have to turn up at a certain time and take part in group activities, AIM is a drop-in service where activities are led by the young people themselves.

You can find us in the renovated Coach House at the back of Lavery's Solicitors, opposite Dundalk Library and the cathedral on Roden Place (up the road from the Tain Theatre and Dundalk Courthouse). We're down the lane with the big black wooden gates - it might seem out of the way, but it's very discrete - not too many people know we're here so you can come and go as you please.

Our Drop In room has couches, tv, dvd's, some games consoles and wi-fi broadband. We also have space outside to hang about, and a small garden at the back. It's a centre that's for the LGBT community - everyone you meet here will understand exactly what's going on for you, and may even be able to offer advice... or at least a cup of tea. 

So... if you're lgbt or just questioning, and aged between 14 and 17 years old...
come along to Dundalk Outcomers Centre on Fridays between 4pm and 6pm!

We try to keep it as informal as possible - you can wander in for a chat, hang out for the time, or come and go as you please. Because it's an informal drop-in we don't need your parents permission to have you here - however, if your parents want to talk with us they can ring John on 086 1625030.

AIM is run BY lgbt young people FOR lgbt young people, with opportunities for trips, activities and (hopefully) residentials and exchanges.

If you're interested in being involved you can contact John on 086 1625030, or you can e-mail

Or you can watch this space...

Saoirse Youth Club: we are currently supporting an LGBT-friendly youth club that is being hosted by young people aged 14-18 here on a Friday from 5pm-7pm. This is an ideal place to hang out with friends and maybe make new ones, with no concerns about sexual orientation or gender identity. Feel free to call in, text, e-mail or phone to find out more.

(Btw, if you're between 18 and 25 years old we have a group on Thursday nights.)


Also, you can find us on
Facebook for friends, videos, blogs and groups.


Our Mission Statement

We are committed to developing appropriate, accessible and safe supports with and for LGBT young people in the North East.

We believe that LGBT young people have the fundamental right to be supported in growing, developing and accessing all their rights as equal citizens.



Any questions?

We've been working away to put up information you may need or answer questions we've been asked. You can find stuff on coming out, bullying in schools and sexual health issues on our Health page, as well as responses to Frequently Asked Questions. There's also a list of other organisations and groups on our Links Page.


Myth Busting! (some things you may have heard about LGBT people which just are not true!!)

The following myths and facts are taken from BeLonGTo's "This booklet is so Gay".


Myth Being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is a choice.

Fact Being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender is no more a choice than being heterosexual.


Myth All gay men are camp and all lesbian women are butch.

Fact Anyone can appear both 'camp' and 'butch'. Whatever way people are perceived everyone is unique and important.


Myth LGBT people are unable to have long-term relationships.

Fact This is a stereotype, loving relationships are just as important to LGBT people as they are to any others.


Myth All LGBT people will eventually contract HIV/AIDS.

Fact HIV/AIDS is an issue for everyone. The HIV virus does not discriminate on the grounds of sexual preference. We all need to be aware of the risks.


Getting to Dundalk

In case you need to know, travel times by bus to Dundalk on a Saturday are:
From Cavan - dep. 9:10am (#30 bus), arrive Dundalk 12:35 (via Dublin Airport);
The above bus will pass through Navan at 10:10am;
From Monaghan - dep. 11:40am (#177 bus), change in Carrickmacross, dep. Carrickmacross at 12:45, arrive Dundalk 13:20;
From Ardee - dep. at 11am (#167 bus), arrive Dundalk at 11:40am;
From Drogheda - dep at 12:05 (#100x bus), arrive Dundalk at 12:35.

All return buses leave between 16:10 and 17:30


The NELGBT Working Group

The Youth Service in Dundalk Outcomers was established with the support and guidance of BeLonG To, the HSE, the VEC, Youthwork Ireland Louth and Youthwork Ireland Monaghan.


27 Jun 2016 - New Resource for Trans Youth!

Coming Soon: Our brand-new "Young Trans People Talking" booklet

27 Jun 2016 - Dundalk LGBT Pride 2016

It's nearly here! 14-17 July!

27 Jun 2016 - Dublin Pride 2016

Thanks to all who joined our float!

27 Jun 2016 - NEWS UPDATE!

Click here for what's been keeping us busy

19 Feb 2016 - NEW Publications Page

Due to ongoing demand, we've finally uploaded our publications (old and new) onto our site. Check out it out through our 'Services' tab.

09 Feb 2016 - Safer Internet Day 2016

Tuesday 9th Feb 2016 is Safer Internet Day. Outcomers is taking part by re-launching our LGBT anti-cyberbullying e-book online: click on this news link for more information!